Painter & Engraver

- Studies of Art History in Toulouse.
- Weaving and tapestry haute-lice after my own projects; later painting and finally painting and engraving.
- Member of La Maison des Artistes since 1980.
- Between 1986 and 1996: Studies of visual art in Paris St Charles. Studies of cultural Anthropology with EHESS in Paris, later in Toulouse.
This two previous decades mix deeply the two researches.

- To my painting, exclusively on paper (water colour, tempera, water inks) until 1992, was added between 1990 and 1994 the study of engraving (smooth cut).
- Works with aquatint and collagraph techniques. This discipline allowed me to explore more intense colours and oil colours.
- From 2000 on, coming back to original paintings, oil and acrylic. The transition to abstraction is not fortuitous. It comes from my work in tapestry haute-lice, treated like an architectural work.


- 2012 Studio in Lot ; Gallery Le Cadre, Cahors, France ...
- 2009 European Makers, Gallery Amsterdam (NL)
- 2002-1999 Work with a distributive agent, France and Benelux ; Gallery Amacla, Toulouse, France ...
- 2001-1994 Gallery Daudet, Ramonville, Toulouse, France ; Gallery Edition de l'Hermitage, Paris, France...
- 1993-1980 Gallery Traces, Toulouse, France ; Espaces AGF, Toulouse, France ; Galerie Marty, Villefranche de Rgue, France ; Galerie de Poche, Castres, France...

Art Fairs and Collective Exhibitions

- 2005 Art-Event Antwerp, Belgium
- 1996 Biennale of Engraving in Varna, Bulgaria
- 1995 Biennale of Engraving in Ljubljana, Slovenia
- 1994 Triennale de l'estampe in Chamalières, France
- 1991-96 Participation in Art Fairs organized by the « Peintres Méridionaux »